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About Me

I have always loved everything about goalkeepers & goalkeeping & once hoped that I might be a professional goalkeeper, alas that wasn’t to be so I became an Illustrator.

Goalkeepers really are a special breed & I believe that there really is a thing called the Goalkeepers’ Union. We are all in it together & anyone who has stood in a goal will be all too aware of the highs & lows of this strange position. For me it’s been a life long addiction – something I have loved & even hated at times, but I could never stop doing it & hope I never will.

I especially love all the old kits, gloves & heroes from the past. Pat Jennings is my hero & he is the reason I became hooked on goalkeeping – I couldn’t believe how good he was & still can’t all these years later!

I hope that you like the work I’ve done here & I know that some of you will say that I’ve missed someone out! I’ll be constantly adding to the collection so don’t worry – your hero, team or country will probably appear in the future!

It’s often said that you have to be mad to play in goal – that may or may not be true, but as you’ll see from the goalkeepers featured here – they are all heroes & I hope my drawings will bring back some great memories.

My illustrations are featured in the Glove Story book, the fee for which was passed on to the Willow Foundation.